7art Radiant Clock Screensaver

7art Radiant Clock Screensaver 3.1

Nowadays, the march of time is unlikely to be heard…
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Nowadays, the march of time is unlikely to be heard…But if you want to pay attention to it, now you can do it with this cool clock screensaver! Developed by 7art-screensavers.com, Radiant Clock Screensaver has come into existence to change once and for all dull and gray days.
Radiant Clock Screensaver will sparkle your days with wonderful colors that will give you a refreshing new feeling to you. And what is more, every time Radiant Clock starts, the clock face will irradiate a new vivid and bright color, each time livelier than before.
Radiant Clock Screensaver features and original design to give you exact time. It is perfect to raise your spirits during those days when you feel dull and without energy… It is also a great tool to live up your computer desktop and to include, in this way, a cool animated scenery into it. Radiant Clock Screensaver runs smoothly with the following Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. Do not wait any longer! Start brightening your days with this wonderful clock! Download it now from the developer’s web site absolutely for free and enjoy endless vivid colors forever!

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  • Vivid and bright colors
  • Absolutely for free
  • It definitely raises your spirits!


  • None
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